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The Internet is at the core of our social and commercial interactions. However, sometimes it can be chaotic out there. With years of experience writing about and analysing the Internet, we can help you navigate the chaos and point you towards digital enlightenment.


With a strong emphasis on human-centered design and systems thinking, we distil insights into real and practical digital strategies. As a boutique digital consultancy, we identify opportunities and challenges and advise on how to make the most of the networked world.


It’s all in the execution. A good idea has value when manifested in a user-friendly and efficient solution. To build the best products, we collaborate with the appropriate talent on a project-by-project basis, oversee the development and help you launch it.


Andre Avorio

Andre Avorio

- Digital Architect -

André specialises in the intersection of business strategy and digital technology. With a focus on user experience, he follows ideas from conception through development to real digital products.

Rasmus Hagen

Rasmus Hagen

- Design Creative -

Rasmus has many years of online experience as a creator and consultant. He is powered by a creative chaos that is distilled in an accessible - and undeniably Scandinavian - minimalism.

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